About BCP

Bee Charmer Productions is a full-service audio and video production company based in Toronto, Canada, with team members and clients all over the world. As well as undertaking various audio and video projects on behalf of a wide range of clients, BCP actively develops original productions for the screen and web. To discover more about BCP’s projects, check out our portfolio page. To get in touch with us to discuss possible opportunities, visit our contact page.

Bee Charmer Productions is headed up by Director, Writer, Editor Regan Latimer who assembles a bespoke team of complementary talented individuals to meet the challenges of each project.


About Regan Latimer

Regan-LatimerRegan Latimer is a Director, Writer, Editor and Executive Producer at Toronto-based production company, Bee Charmer Productions. Skilled across both creative and technical disciplines, Regan’s credits include editing Emmy award-winning trailers and promo spots for Colorado’s Rocky Mountain PBS and Denver Centre Media, and her second short film, Lindy Calls Tracy, is currently screening at festivals around the world, including Australia, Canada, India, and Russia. She has done extensive promotional video work, including commercials, promos, documentary shorts, and her first short film, Harmony Love Matches for Life Inc., was award nominated at the 2008 Great Lakes International Film Festival.

A veteran of web series production, Regan is the Writer, Director and Producer of the popular web series, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye – a series that garnered over 12.5 million views. She is currently developing her newest series, Witch Like Me, a multi-platform series, with long-time collaborator, and digital content strategist, Rochelle Dancel.

Regan is also a founding member of the Independent Web Series Creators of Canada (IWCC), served as Producer and Programming Director for the Toronto Web Series Festival (TO Webfest 2014), and has been a guest speaker and panelist at festivals and events worldwide.