The AMY Project Documentary Style Short

Regan sat down with the co-founder of The AMY Project, Claire Calnan, to discuss creating a documentary style piece that would highlight the organizations amazing work with at-risk youth. Using existing footage from previous workshops, and filming new content during the summer session, BCP started to gather the necessary pieces to put together the video profile.

An interesting part of the project was getting to interview not only the directors and leadership of the organization, but also graduates of the program who have used their experiences at AMY as a launching point for their own life paths and choices. After a long post production and amalgamation process, and the creation of original music to support the narrative, the final piece came together.

For more information on The AMY Project, please visit their website.

Videographer, Editor

Regan Latimer

Work Completed

Interviewing, Live Video Recording, Editing, Graphics, Original Music (Feat. Jessica Cooper)




November 2015