Sunnybrook School Musicals Live Performance Recording

For the past decade BCP has had the pleasure of recording Sunnybrook School’s annual musical performances. From Lion King to Beauty and the Beast to Peter Pan, the school comes together to create impressive shows performed by the grade one to six students.

The Making of a Sunnybrook Musical

Out first introduction to the Sunnybrook musical experience was creating a behind-the-scenes video following the intensive creation process that underlies the annual musical. From early rehearsals, to moving into the theatre, to the final performance, interviews with faculty and students give a wonderful picture of just how much the arts can affect a student’s life. If you’d like to see how their production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory came together, be sure to check out our video below.


Sunnybrook School


Live Video Recording, Interviews, Editing, Graphics, DVD creation




2009 – 2020