In a 1920’s State of Mind!

[col grid=”3-2 first”]In 2009, The Drama Department at Crescent School did a production of The Front Page. They approached BCP’s Regan Latimer to create a video that would play at the top of the show, and which would set the mood of the 1920’s for the audience. Using archival footage, original graphics, and live video recording of some of the students in character, Regan created the above video. The end of the video culminates in a freeze shot and news headline, which the stage curtain then opens to reveal the actors in a matching pose. Both BCP and Cresent School were extremely pleased with the result!

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We have also worked with Crescent School Drama in creating a video that speaks to how important arts education can be to a well rounded student. You can see more here.[/col]

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Crescent School


Live Video Recording, Editing, Graphics




May 2009