London Web Fest Bound!


I am very excited to be traveling to London, England next week to participate in a panel at Raindance’s London Web Fest. “Making Web Series Work” promises to bring out some of the best tips and tricks on creating content that works (and trying to avoid the pitfalls myself and other panelists have possibly already encountered!). My fellow panelists include Darren Chadwick-Hussein (Digital Creators UK); Crystal Chappell (Open Book Productions);┬áVictoria Howell (Frostbite UK), and will be moderated by Phillip Whiteman (Digital Creators UK).

This trip will also afford me the luxury of an opportunity to meet in person for a day of meetings with my long-time collaborator and fellow producer, Rochelle Dancel. We will be further developing and working on the treatments for Witch Like Me, as well as discussing season arcs and casting. Very exciting times indeed.

We have also finally updated the BCP website with a new portfolio page (still being added to), and homepage.

We’re looking forward to the Fall season and the work it brings.

That’s all for now!