Transmedia 101 – Web Series 101 Panel

Last night I had the pleasure of participating in a screening and panel discussion for the lovely peeps of Transmedia 101. I had been invited to represent and discuss my web series, B.J. Fletcher: Private Eye.

Also along for the evening were some other very talented fellow webseriesans (is that a word? well it is now) including Elize Morgan (Pretty in Geek, The Gate), Jonathan Robbins (Clutch), Ash Catherwood (Microwave Porn), and Jay Ferguson (Guidestones). I am always a fan of seeing web series on a big screen! Following the screening of our shows was a panel discussion on how transmedia tactics are integrated with our web series and what transmedia practitioners can learn from web series’ best practices.

It was actually quite a cross section of different types of web series and approaches. An interesting evening indeed, and the audience peppered us with questions. Big thanks to the amazing Carrie Cutforth-Young and crew for inviting me to participate and for hosting such a great night!

I look forward to Transmedia 101’s next meet-up!